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Get Leads and Appointments
Using Chat Automation 🏡

Social media chat automations that turn your Instagram viewers into quality buyer and seller real estate leads. 

Trusted for Lead Gen 🎉
In the U.S. and Canada use our marketing to get buyer and seller leads through Instagram content.
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Crafted for Busy Agents Who Don't Want to Break the Bank 💰

Hi! We're Run With It, and this is Autopilot.

These are 5 professionally crafted Instagram funnels that generate vetted buyer and seller leads through your Instagram content.

The best part? They generate free leads and add no extra workload. All you need to do is continue posting on Instagram, and we'll handle the rest.

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See How It Works 🎉

Getting leads just got a whole lot easier. See how easy it is to generate leads with Autopilot.

Lead Comments Keyword

A viewer watches a video and comments a keyword. Our automation is triggered.

We Get Contact Info

We send the user a message and name and email are collected in Instagram DMs.

Lead Sent to CRM

We easily integrate with your existing CRM. Tags and lead sources are automatically applied to the lead.

How It Works

Works for Agents Across the United States and Canada

From single agents to large teams and brokerages in the U.S. and Canada, our funnels work for everyone. Simply post your content as you always have, tell people to comment a word, and watch the magic happen.

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Jami A.

Broker, Advisor

Keller Williams

"I am SO thankful they stepped into my business exactly when I needed them most! Their expertise and passion for social media funnels and automations are on point and relevant today."


Simple, Quick Setup Process

No back-and-forth. No delays. Just a simple and quick setup process that will get you leads in no time.

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Your personal funnel manager will reach out after payment

Our team will send you a welcome email after we receive payment with  next steps.

within 24 hours

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You receive an email when your setup is complete

We'll reach out when your funnels are set up and outline the next steps.

within 3 business days

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You complete a short form

We'll send you a quick form to ensure we can access your Manychat, Zapier, and CRM accounts.

less than 11 min

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We'll set up a 15-minute call

We show you how to use your funnels, how to get leads, and strategize a marketing plan using the funnels.

15 mins

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We set up your campaigns, CRM, and Zapier integration

We craft your 5 real estate Manychat funnels.

within 3 business days

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We manage your funnels with unlimited monthly adjustments

We update your funnels based on new marketing material and properties you want to advertise. Just send us the link, we handle the rest.

as long as you'd like


Transparent Pricing. No Crazy Contracts. Cancel Anytime.

Autopilot 🎉

Expert-crafted Manychat automations for buyers, sellers, appointments, lead magnets, and webinars.

Home Search Funnel


Property Tour Funnel

Seller Funnel

Freebie Funnel

Appointment Funnel

Webinar Funnel

2-3 Day Setup

One Time Setup Fee




VIP Support 🎉

Top-rated customer support and fast turnaround. Save 11+ hours per month.

Unlimited Funnel Adjustments

< 24 Hour Turnaround

No Long-Term Contract

3 Video Scripts per Week

Private Group Access

Money-Back Guarantee

Cancel Anytime

Monthly Service Fee




Where can you use your new funnels?

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Tell your viewers to comment a keyword and the automation will trigger. You'll get their contact information and they'll become a lead in your CRM.

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Promote your freebies on your Instagram story and leads can reply with a keyword. They'll get the freebie sent to them automatically.

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No landing pages like Linktree. Our funnels get contact info up front in the DMs and then give the lead what they want.

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No more 'click below to book a time'. Use a keyword call to action in your bio and your conversion rate and lead volume will both increase.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Most real estate agents and teams spend a ton of time 'figuring out' social media. Posting videos, sharing stories, and engaging with leads in DMs becomes a full-time job. The goal of Autopilot is for you to simply set it and forget it. Continue posting and watch the leads flow in.

  • What CRMs do you integrate with?
    We integrate with any CRM! Most of our clients use Follow Up Boss, but we have set up automations for clients on KV Core, KW Command, Sierra Interactive, LionDesk, Lofty, and Monday.
  • Do you offer special pricing for multiple setups for more than one agent?
    Yes! It depends on how many agents you would like to get set up on the automations. We are happy to offer discounted pricing for teams.
  • Do I need Manychat and Zapier subscriptions?
    Yes, you will need Manychat Pro ($15/mo.), but the free version of Zapier is fine.
  • How do you access my CRM, Zapier, and Manychat?
    Our team logs into your account from a secured device to set up your funnels. We send you a separate, secure form with 256-bit encryption to ensure security of your accounts.
  • Do you offer refunds and cancellations?
    Yes, our VIP Support package is month-to-month and you can cancel anytime. There are currently no refunds for our Manychat Autopilot setup.
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Get Your Free Leads

✅ Home Search Funnel

✅ Property Tour Funnel

Seller Funnel

✅ Freebie Funnel

✅ Appointment Funnel

Webinar Funnel

✅ 2-3 Day Setup




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