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Welp, I'm about to get a little candid with you. 

Run With It started (and is still operating) out of the basement(s) of two small houses on the Jersey Shore. I had the crazy idea of creating an agency when I quit my 'job' selling life insurance 3 months after graduating college back in May of 2020.


I knew I loved marketing and I wanted to start building a solid resume for a future job. So I asked a few local businesses if I could run their social media for the summer.

I also asked my friend Ian if he wanted to help out with some content creation for a pizza parlor we used to work for. He obliged (like the crazy m***f*** he is), and the rest is...history.

Ian and I run RWI out of our basements. We make the content and edit the photos and video right at our desks. My desk happens to be a used beer-pong table. 

I told you I was going to get a little candid, didn't I?

My ultimate goal for Run With It is to build a service that restaurant, bar, and brewery owners love using. How many products that you use for your business do you actually LOVE? That don't create more problems than they do solutions? 

There's probably not many. My goal is to change that. 

Chances are Run With It will look a lot different a few years from now than it does today. We're always looking to build off of ideas and add value in any way we can (as cheesy as that sounds).

So if you're a current client, or looking to start Running with us, just know there's a bunch of 20-something-year-olds busting their ass behind the scenes trying to change an industry. Trying to create something bigger than themselves.

We hope you'll join us on this crazy journey.

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- gannon

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