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Selling your house? Here are 3 things you should know about home inspections – and how to get ready for them to make a great impression!

First thing: Fix the small stuff. Leaky faucets, loose handles, burnt-out light bulbs? These little fixes can make a big difference.

Second thing: Clean up! A tidy house looks well-cared-for. It gives inspectors and buyers a good vibe about your home.

Third: Get ahead of the game: Consider a pre-inspection. It can find problems you can fix before buyers even step in.

You’ll want to organize your paperwork. Receipts for repairs, warranties, any home maintenance records – make sure you have them ready.

And, also be honest about any issues. Transparency builds trust and can smooth the negotiation process.

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Remember, a smooth inspection can mean a faster sale. Follow for more insights on getting your home sold!

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