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4 Tips For Better Food Pics

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

Looking for better ways to spice up your food pics? Here's a few tips that'll help you take your photo skills to the next level!

#1: Find Natural Lighting

Find a spot close to a window and grab as much natural light as you can! You can create a nice gradient effect by positioning yourself directly in the middle of the plate, having one side of the plate being hit by light, and the other side darker from the shadows. Natural light tends to make your photos pop. Remember, there are a lot of people using the dark mode feature on social media apps - having a brighter picture ensures your posts contrast nicely with the interface!

#2: Organize!

Ask your executive chef or bartender to make things look extraordinarily appealing! Pick a time when it's not too busy and get your team involved. After all, your drinks and dishes are works of art. Try keeping bunches of colors together - in the picture above, the greens are grouped together in the top and the oranges are grouped together in the bottom. The reason for this is because people scrolling Instagram will see the top of your photo first, and green is a color that always stands out!

#3: Get The Right Angle

Specifically for photos of drinks, it's better to take a picture of the glass at an angle looking up or down. Taking the photo at an angle (about 45 degrees) like this gives the illusion that the drink is bigger than it actually is. For the user viewing the content on social media, it makes them stop and say 'Wow! Look at how big their drinks are!' See the examples below of how this illusion comes into play. Try it out for yourself!

#4: Boost Those Colors

You may notice that some colors stand out among the rest. If your photo seems very 'orange' but not too many orange things are on the plate, try lowering the warmth. Some photo editing software like Lightroom will allow you to adjust the saturation of individual colors. It's best to make the prominent colors like green, yellow, and red pop the most as it will more likely stop people in their tracks. In this photo, we boosted the brightness, but also enhanced the saturation of the yellow, orange, and green, as well as the luminance!

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