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Purchasing Power Script
How to Use This Script

This works well if you currently use Homebot for home evaluation reports for your leads.  You'll notice the last line of this script has a placeholder [TRIGGER] - we use this script for our clients who want to generate seller leads.

When a lead comments on the trigger word, automation starts that gets that person's name, email, and phone number in the Instagram DMs. That information is then sent to your CRM. Pretty neat, huh?


You hear all of these finance gurus talk about renting out properties. But what exactly does that mean for the average homeowner? Check this out.

I have a report that shows you an estimate of your current equity in your home.

This is the difference between your home’s current value and the amount left on your mortgage.

Let’s say the net worth of your home to you is $300,000.

You could take $225,000 of that money and use it as a 30% down payment on a $750,000 home.

Then, you could lease your current home or rent it nightly on Airbnb and use the rental income to cover your new mortgage payment.

It might sound a bit confusing, but this report shows you a breakdown of everything I just went through.

If you want to check it out for yourself, comment the word [TRIGGER], and I’ll send it over to you to play around with.

Need Help With Video Editing?

Feeling stuck with video editing? No problem. Our team of professional video editors is on standby to edit this video for you! All you need to do is upload this video to Google Drive or DropBox and send it over to our team.

Use the link below to get your first video edited for free.

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